Jan. 13th, 2013

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Name: Enzel
Are you 18 or over?: yes
Other characters played: none


Name: Anakin Skywalker
Canon: Star Wars (specifically, the Clone Wars 3D animated series)
Age: 21
History: Wiki page

Episode List with summaries

His history diverges just after the events of Mortis. A window to Cittagaze appears on his ship, and he steps through, leaving it to be lost in deep space. He recuperates at the Observatory while waiting for a new window location to be found, and returns eventually, but keeps correspondence with the people he met in the meantime.

Back home, the war progresses, his brief disappearance unimportant in the larger scheme of things. However, some of his closest companions find their way to Cittagaze as well--his wife, Padme Amidala, his young apprentice, Ahsoka, and even his former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. This takes away some of the stress of keeping other universes--and his daemon--a secret.

In the time that he can spare, Anakin salvages pieces of technology from the battles he fights and builds an energy shield generator for the Observatory to protect it after the Heartless attack. He also rescues a wounded Chris Halliwell and gets him medical treatment on Coruscant. Anakin sees his time in Cittagaze as an escape from the war and all the companions and soldiers he's lost. Though his friends who have gained their daemons all eventually abandon their PHSes and return home, he keeps his own on him at all times, occasionally giving it to Padme or R2-D2 for safekeeping.

During this time, the events of the Deception arc (Obi-Wan fakes his death to uncover a plot to kidnap the Chancellor) and the return of Darth Maul occur.

Then, in an unfortunate run-in with the irrepressible pirate Hondo Ohnaka, the device is stolen from him. Anakin is furious, but unable to pursue the pirate, he returns home to Coruscant to check on his window. It's closed. And something has changed. The Jedi Council is uneasy--the Sith have been sensed on Coruscant, the heart of the Republic. Everyone is on high alert, and Anakin has no time to wait around for the chance that his window might be reopened. Chancellor Palpatine requests an audience with him, questioning the incident, since the Jedi refuse to give him details. Anakin is torn between his loyalty to the Jedi and his loyalty to the man he considers one of the few people he can trust, and respectfully declines.

He is promptly sent to Onderon on assignment, along with his Padawan and former Master. When they return, Ahsoka is given a mission to accompany Master Yoda and a group of young Jedi to obtain their first lightsaber crystals. The pirate Hondo accosts them on their return trip, hoping to steal the crystals and sell them on the black market. In the scuffle, Ahsoka recovers Anakin's PHS and eventually brings it home to him.

Point in canon: Technically shortly before the episode "Point of No Return", though with certain differences, outlined above.

Window Location: N/A, it's been forcibly closed. When he finds his PHS again he will request a summons and a search for new window coordinates. This window will be in a long-abandoned area of Coruscant called the Works, mostly empty factories of a bankrupt corporation, now inhabited by anyone laying low from the law.

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