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Tell me how I'm doing! Anakin is such an iconic character that I really want to do him justice, so I'd really like to make sure I get this right.

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Name: Enzel
Are you 18 or over?: yes
Other characters played: none


Name: Anakin Skywalker
Canon: Star Wars (specifically, the Clone Wars 3D animated series)
Age: 21
History: Wiki page

Episode List with summaries

His history diverges just after the events of Mortis. A window to Cittagaze appears on his ship, and he steps through, leaving it to be lost in deep space. He recuperates at the Observatory while waiting for a new window location to be found, and returns eventually, but keeps correspondence with the people he met in the meantime.

Back home, the war progresses, his brief disappearance unimportant in the larger scheme of things. However, some of his closest companions find their way to Cittagaze as well--his wife, Padme Amidala, his young apprentice, Ahsoka, and even his former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. This takes away some of the stress of keeping other universes--and his daemon--a secret.

In the time that he can spare, Anakin salvages pieces of technology from the battles he fights and builds an energy shield generator for the Observatory to protect it after the Heartless attack. He also rescues a wounded Chris Halliwell and gets him medical treatment on Coruscant. Anakin sees his time in Cittagaze as an escape from the war and all the companions and soldiers he's lost. Though his friends who have gained their daemons all eventually abandon their PHSes and return home, he keeps his own on him at all times, occasionally giving it to Padme or R2-D2 for safekeeping.

During this time, the events of the Deception arc (Obi-Wan fakes his death to uncover a plot to kidnap the Chancellor) and the return of Darth Maul occur.

Then, in an unfortunate run-in with the irrepressible pirate Hondo Ohnaka, the device is stolen from him. Anakin is furious, but unable to pursue the pirate, he returns home to Coruscant to check on his window. It's closed. And something has changed. The Jedi Council is uneasy--the Sith have been sensed on Coruscant, the heart of the Republic. Everyone is on high alert, and Anakin has no time to wait around for the chance that his window might be reopened. Chancellor Palpatine requests an audience with him, questioning the incident, since the Jedi refuse to give him details. Anakin is torn between his loyalty to the Jedi and his loyalty to the man he considers one of the few people he can trust, and respectfully declines.

He is promptly sent to Onderon on assignment, along with his Padawan and former Master. When they return, Ahsoka is given a mission to accompany Master Yoda and a group of young Jedi to obtain their first lightsaber crystals. The pirate Hondo accosts them on their return trip, hoping to steal the crystals and sell them on the black market. In the scuffle, Ahsoka recovers Anakin's PHS and eventually brings it home to him.

Point in canon: Technically shortly before the episode "Point of No Return", though with certain differences, outlined above.

Window Location: N/A, it's been forcibly closed. When he finds his PHS again he will request a summons and a search for new window coordinates. This window will be in a long-abandoned area of Coruscant called the Works, mostly empty factories of a bankrupt corporation, now inhabited by anyone laying low from the law.

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Character Name: Anakin Skywalker
Age: 21
Daemon: Sol-Karan
Form: golden-brown Peregrine Falcon
Languages: Basic (English), Huttese, Binary (comprehension only)

World: [ THE GALAXY 1 ] | 0020
Window Location: ?
People: Many different species. Humans are the most widespread.
Technology/Magic: Sci-fi technology including advanced medical technology, cybernetics, faster than light space travel, and lots of different ways to blow things up.
Culture/Society: read all about it.
Timeline: Approximately 21 BBY, in the middle of the Clone Wars
Additional Notes:

Available NPCs: R2-D2 ([personal profile] artificialimpertinence)


Ahsoka Tano >Orresh ♂ | Black-backed jackal ([personal profile] akultooth)
Obi-Wan Kenobi >Pria ♀ | Coati ([personal profile] mediations)
Padmé Amidala >Rayan ♂ | Spotted owl ([personal profile] dissimulo)

In-game info link Daemon size comparison chart )
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⇒ As a general rule, I am usually okay with anything involving my characters as long as I get a heads-up first through an OOC note or PM. That said, if you want a fight, he's no pushover, so an OOC hash-out/power comparison first is necessary. 

Since the game has a no-revival policy, I am not interested in character death. I'd like to keep playing him!

Anakin is also currently (and probably forever) unavailable for romance unless you look like Natalie Portman.

Feel free to sense the fact that he has unnatural abilities/powers if your character is able to.

⇐ Anakin uses the Force, which is a type of energy that connects all living beings. This means he can pick up on the emotions of those around him to some extent, as well as sense outbursts of extreme emotion from far away--especially if he cares for the person. When it comes to practical usage, this means he can usually tell if someone is lying or whether their intentions are good or bad. People with mental training or strong wills can block this out.

Of course, there are limits to this, so I'm going to say as a rule, people from other worlds are impossible for him to read unless you tell me otherwise by commenting here!
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Notes: Juvenile peregrines are brown, but Sol-Karan is an adult, and her feathers are even lighter than the juvenile color, closer to gold (and the color of Anakin's hair)

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Name: Enzel
Are you 18 or over?: yes
Other characters played: none


Name: Anakin Skywalker
Canon: Star Wars (specifically, the Clone Wars 3D animated series)
Age: 21
History: Wiki page
Point in canon: just after the Mortis arc, when he learns that he is truly the Chosen One.

Window Location: In his quarters on the command ship during the journey from Mortis back to Coruscant.

Universe: the galaxy, the Republic

Abilities: As a Jedi with one of the highest midichlorian counts ever recorded, Anakin has a large amount of power at his disposal. He can use the Force to do many things, such as lift, move, or throw objects, enhance his own movement and strength--or even influence the minds of both animals and sentient beings. He's skilled in both lightsaber and unarmed combat, preferring aggressive battle tactics and an "offense is the best defense" strategy.

He has mastered many different lightsaber forms, but his preferred one is the Form V variant Djem So. However, his knowledge of other forms and his ability to adjust makes him a formidable opponent in both ranged and close combat.

Due to the fact that his emotions are rather volatile, he'll sometimes be unable to keep them from overwhelming him. Coupled with his impulsiveness, this is both an asset and a weakness, depending on the situation. While it benefits him at times when hesitation would be fatal, it also means that his temper gets the better of him, especially when people he cares about are in trouble. In desperate times, this draws him towards the Dark Side of the Force, and he'll cast aside his Jedi training to channel his anger or fear into power. He has been known to use the Force Choke once or twice during such a time.

Aside from fighting ability, Anakin loves tinkering with machines, and has been building, modifying and fixing them since he was little. He's also an accomplished starship pilot, though also a reckless one. (he has quite a few crash landings to his name.) Thanks to his abnormally quick reflexes, he's survived many battles that would have killed a lesser man.

The Force also lets him tap into the emotions of the people around him, sensing strong ones, feeling out deceit, etc. This isn't quite as reliable as his other abilities, however, since other people skilled in the Force or with some sort of mental training can block such intrusions.

Possessions: his lightsaber, and everything on his utility belt (survival rations, a commlink [communications device], grappling hook, holographic projector, device for breathing underwater)

Personality: Willful and impulsive, Anakin Skywalker is nevertheless a sharp and charismatic young man. Said charisma luckily masks some of the social awkwardness he possesses from growing up among the Jedi, where emotional attachment is forbidden. He is fiercely loyal to those he accepts as friends. In fact, it could be said he is fierce in more or less everything he does, much to the chagrin of his former master and the other Jedi.

His aggressive tendencies have been a source of trouble all his life, especially after entering the Order and becoming Obi-Wan Kenobi's apprentice. Born as a slave, he was exposed to the harsher side of life nearly from birth, and as a result will not stand for injustice. He's almost unhealthily obsessed with making things right, and possesses an arrogance that troubles those close to him at times.

Despite this, Anakin's heart is in the right place. He's just very self-absorbed and seems to have difficulty empathizing with people, especially because he thinks he knows what's best for them most of the time. He was always a step ahead of his fellow students thanks to his exceptional abilities, and soon believed he'd surpassed his own master. Frustrated with Kenobi's teachings and believing himself to be better than the older man, he never quite gave his master the respect he demanded. But believing himself superior to others means he takes failure very, very badly. He never quite forgave himself for the death of his mother and subsequent slaughter of the Tusken Raiders who kidnapped her. Similarly, he's seen other Jedi and many of his clone troopers die in the war, plenty as a result of his own decisions.

The truth is, while he's selfish, Anakin never fears for himself, but for the people around him. This is his greatest weakness: the knowledge that someday he will lose the people he cares about. If one of them is in danger, he will stop at nothing to save them. However, when his temper rises, his ability to make proper decisions starts to slip, and he gives in to his darker impulses. He's very much an "ends justify the means" type.

In less serious times, he's actually a friendly and easygoing young man, for the most part. He enjoys competitions, challenges, anything that gets his adrenaline up, meaning he also gets bored easily. He has a quick wit and sharp tongue to match, and will joke around at the expense of his companions--but never in a cruel way. He doesn't just restrict the quips to off the field, either; he's just as likely to crack a joke in the middle of a heated firefight.

Overall, he's rather bad at hiding his emotions, and they can usually be read plainly on his face. He dislikes lying, but he does seem to unconsciously manipulate people without regard to their feelings if he has a specific goal in mind. It's this disregard for the feelings of others where his social awkwardness lies. It's not that he doesn't understand emotion, but he seems to have a very critical and detached way of looking at it. It's almost as if his own emotions are so intense that putting himself in another's shoes is simply too much for him.

Thread Sample: here on LJ. proof the journal belongs to me.

Prose Sample: It's been too long since Anakin has seen his wife--but really, any amount of time longer than a few hours is too much for him. There aren't many days that go by where he doesn't think of her. Her eyes, her smile, the way her hair feels between the fingers of his flesh and blood hand when it isn't pinned back severely under one of her many elaborate headdresses. How they're going to find time between both of their busy schedules to steal a few precious hours together. But war is war and as much as he gets a rush from fighting, he hates it because above all it separates them.

He knows the code to her door, and even with heightened security around her because of the many attempts on her life, he prides himself in his ability to sneak in unnoticed. But she's not there, as C-3PO informs him. As much as the droid is a stickler for protocol, he's gotten used to Anakin coming and going as he pleases (or perhaps he's always been used to it, considering the young man is his creator). She's at a meeting, another damned meeting about policy or arms budgets--he doesn't care right now. His mission is done and he wants to see his wife. For someone on the front lines so often, he shows less interest than he should in the politics of the war, considering how much they affect him. So he paces her apartment for the better part of an hour, like a restless animal, not wanting to return to the Temple unless he misses her and squanders the small amount of time he managed to seize for himself.

When he finally feels her returning, she's not alone. Glancing around, he ducks behind a larger piece of furniture, waiting until she says her goodbyes and the other voices and presences fade. When he stands, she starts, her hand darting under her robe for her blaster--

"Ani! Don't do that, I could have--"

Anakin just laughs, vaulting easily over the chair to approach her, and Padmé shakes her head with a sigh.

"You scared me. I thought it might be another attempt."

He seems to think this is funny, and reaches out to wrap his arms around her. "Don't worry, I wouldn't let you shoot me."

She pushes against his chest playfully, a smile breaking through her disapproving look despite herself. "You shouldn't be here."

"You always say that."

"It's true."

"Are you going to throw me out?" There's a mischievous glint in Anakin's eyes, one Padmé knows all too well by now. He doesn't wait for an answer, just leans down to kiss her. She doesn't protest, but breaks away after a moment.

"I can't, I have things to finish before tomorrow--"

"It can wait, can't it? I only have another hour or two before they start looking for me." Disappointment is plain on his face, but she shakes her head, which makes the uncertain line of his mouth turn into a thin, tight frown.

"I don't want you in trouble because of me." But like most of her attempts to reason with him, this one doesn't work.

"I'll think of some excuse. They have to accept it, they need me on the field." Anakin doesn't even think twice about such a boastful statement, even after it draws a frown from his wife. She's too worn down by her long day to win an argument, and he knows it. She gives up and rests her head against his shoulder, which smooths the tense lines of his face.

"You worry too much," he adds, fondly but with a hint of scolding. But what Padmé can't see is the hypocrisy in his statement, the uncertainty that dogs his every waking moment. If he doesn't see her now, he might never see her again.

Plans: I'm hoping to explore how changing a single character's life can affect the whole canon storyline, since Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader is the result of a very specific chain of events. Exposure to other things and people outside of the context of Anakin's war-filled life will hopefully be a positive influence, or at least a glimpse of possibilities--the lack of which escalated his fate in canon.

To put it more simply, I want him to make friends and influence people.

Notes: RE: the windows...since the Star Wars universe relies a lot on space travel, would a window open inside of a ship move with the ship or remain hanging in space after it passed? (this is sort of relevant to how long it would take him to reach home after entering Cittagazze, though OOCly I have no preference.)

Also, concerning canonmates, specifically Revan. Since the material after the game settled Revan as male, despite the player being able to choose his/her gender, does that count as canon and would Anakin, having heard legends of the Jedi's exploits, know of them as male?


Name: Sol-Karan
Sex: female
Form: Peregrine Falcon
Additional notes: instead of the usual dark bluish coloring, her feathers are golden-brown.
Why this form: Anakin is a skilled pilot, so a bird known for its speed seemed appropriate. A predator also suits his aggressive nature. However, because daemons can't go far from their other half, she would never really be able to exploit her true abilities, just as Anakin himself finds himself frustrated by all the limits placed on him.


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