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⇒ As a general rule, I am usually okay with anything involving my characters as long as I get a heads-up first through an OOC note or PM. That said, if you want a fight, he's no pushover, so an OOC hash-out/power comparison first is necessary. 

Since the game has a no-revival policy, I am not interested in character death. I'd like to keep playing him!

Anakin is also currently (and probably forever) unavailable for romance unless you look like Natalie Portman.

Feel free to sense the fact that he has unnatural abilities/powers if your character is able to.

⇐ Anakin uses the Force, which is a type of energy that connects all living beings. This means he can pick up on the emotions of those around him to some extent, as well as sense outbursts of extreme emotion from far away--especially if he cares for the person. When it comes to practical usage, this means he can usually tell if someone is lying or whether their intentions are good or bad. People with mental training or strong wills can block this out.

Of course, there are limits to this, so I'm going to say as a rule, people from other worlds are impossible for him to read unless you tell me otherwise by commenting here!


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